– In what languages can the games be played?

We offer games in both norwegian and english. If you book via our english pages we will set up the game for an english version.


– Which payment solutions do you offer?

We offer you two options. Either you pay the full price at once via our booking system, or you pay by card when you arrive. We do however require your credit card details up front due to our cancellation policy. We accept Visa, BankAxept and Mastercard.


– How do I get there?

There are three alternatives.

  1. By car: We have parking outside.
  2. Taxi: A taxi from Bergen city centre will cost approximately 200 NOK. Travel Time: 10 minutes.
  3. Bus: Take bus number 17 from Olav Kyrres Gate (just outside the shopping centre “Galleriet” or “Gallery”), look for the letter “B” at the bus stop.

Exit the bus at the stop “Sjøkrigsskoleveien”. Walk towards “Daniel Rullekebab”, that you just passed, and take the first road to the left. Walk until you see a big parking lot on your right side. Walk down on to the parking lot, and look for our sign.

Travel Time: 25 minutes total.


– Is the game difficult or can anyone play?

The rooms are challenging. You have to think outside the box to perform some of the tasks. You can ask for as many hints as you like to make progress in the game. For our rooms to be balanced and fair, we will add 2 minutes on your total gametime for each hint given. This will not affect your total playing time. You will always have 60 minutes to complete our game. Players who use more than 5 hints to complete our game will not be added to our scoreboard.


– Age limit

We are operating with a lower age limit of 14 years. This is not because they cannot join the game, but we cannot guarantee that the games are suited for them. However, if you would like to bring someone under this age, feel free to do so.


– Is it physical demanding?

No, our current rooms are not physical demanding. You have to use your wits to get out.


– When should we be at your establishment?

Please show up 15 minutes before gamestart.


– How should I dress?

At the moment you can dress up however you want. You will look just as beautiful after the game is finished 🙂


– WC



– What if we want to get out of the room immediately?

All our rooms are equipped with an emergency button or emergency key if you wish to exit the room immediately.


– Players with disabilities

Please contact us so we can figure out if you are capable of participating in the game.


– Cancellation Rules

Cancellation less than 24 hours before gamestart will result in a 100% payment fee.

Cancellation more than 24 hours before gamestart will not result in any fee.

Any more questions? Send us an email or contact us on facebook 🙂