cub·​by·​hole | \ ˈkə-bē-ˌhōl
Definition of cubbyhole
: a small snug place (as for hiding or storage), also : a cramped space.

What happened? The last thing you remember is that you and your friends were going home from a night out and you got in a pirate taxi. After that, everything went dark. Now you have just awoken in this… place… You see a countdown watch on the wall. What happens when it reaches zero you do not want to know. Time is ticking and your life depends of your understanding of the riddles placed around the room. Tic tac!

Welcome to “The Cubbyhole”


The deadly CYE virus have spread death and perversity around the globe. Scientists at Gravdal laboratory have finally managed to make an antidote. Under preparations for transport everyone gets infected with the virus, and the laboratory goes into lockdown. Your rescue team have 60 minutes to override the security system, retrieve the antidote and save the world.